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QuickBooks Consultation
"Time well spent. I knew I was not getting enough out of the program and Wendy showed me how to make it do what I needed it to do. Timekeeping and invoicing issues were fully addressed. I could watch everything she was doing and how it all fit together so I could make updates and changes if needed later. Made good recommendations for apps and focused on what I had asked for nothing I couldn't use."

"You are the best!!!  I really appreciate absolutely everything you have done for us. ... With the business start up we have been stretched so thin. Now that all of my expenses feed into Quickbooks (thanks to you) I might have more time :0)) you rock!!!"


"Wendy is always there when you need help. Even when you know your asking stupid questions she always make you feel like they are not. Wendy and the others are GREAT!"

"Wendy adapts well to all types of clients and is extremely outgoing. She is very good at problem solving and has an in depth knowledge of accounting and financial processes. Wendy has an strong understanding of accounting software (QuickBooks) and is very analytical and organized. She works well on her own and you can count on her getting things done!"

QuickBooks Training
"Wendy is a excellent and fun teacher! She is extemely knowledgeable on QuickBooks and makes those apprehensive feel at ease. She never makes you feel that your question is "stupid" and will not stop until you fully understand. I would recommend her to anyone who needed help with anything to do with QuickBooks!"

"Wendy is a fantastic teacher! I walked into her QuickBooks Seminar knowing absolutely nothing about accounting or QuickBooks; after taking her class I have confidence when I'm moving around in QuickBooks. She's very knowledgeable in what she does. Thank you Wendy!"
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