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International Accountants & International CPA Services 

Our Houston international accounting firm is staffed with international CPA's which have global experience, and that provide a broad array of services. We are distinguished by the commitment to international businesses, providing United States international tax advice on both outbound and inbound tax matters. We provide practical, value-added international tax planning and cross border solutions to multinational businesses.
Our firm and staff of international accountants has sustained a reputation for experience in international matters, including business formations, cross border transactions, implications of tax treaties, reporting requirements of foreign accounts, etc.. Our reputation is based on knowledge of such matters and practical experience as CEO, CFO, and COO of international businesses.
We advise and consult with corporate and individual clients in the areas of:
  • Business formation
  • Structuring of investments
  • Transfer pricing
  • International M&A
  •  Earned Income Exclusion
  •  Expatriation Planning
  • Non-residents with financial activities
  • Non-residents owning U.S. real estate
Hodgson CPA is a member of 2020 Group, an international association of independent accounting and consulting firms. The goal of the 2020 Group is to provide unparalleled level of service on an international basis. Companies of all sizes face the challenges of integration into “borderless” economics. 2020 Group members assist clients in meeting the demands posed by domestic and international business. The clients of Hodgson CPA gain all the advantages of top quality international links with the added personal service associated with smaller independent practices.
International Accounting is not just a concept. It's a specialization.
You may already know about foreign tax credits – credits that help you avoid being taxed in the U.S. on income that you’ve already paid taxes for in another country. But many other unique challenges face foreign companies who wish to do business in the U.S. Some may need guidance to set up and maintain the proper business structure, or to remain in compliance with the myriad of state, local, and federal filing requirements throughout the year. Others may need pricing guidance for sales and services in the U.S.
If your cross-border company is public or has plans to go public, your accounting standards should be compliant with international accounting standards, formerly the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The new standards are called the International Financial Reporting Standards, or IFRS, and are set forth by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), based in the United Kingdom.
Multinational firms based in the U.S. could face significant changes soon, as the Obama administration proposes changes that could generate over $200 billion in tax revenue over 10 years, in large part from multinational corporations. Companies doing cross-border business should take the time to understand how the proposed changes might affect them, and plan ahead to minimize tax liability. Hodgson CPA can help.
International accounting is not just a concept. It’s a specialization. Your accounting standards and practices should not only hold up to an audit, they should also help maximize the profits of your business all year round.
Working with an experienced CPA firm is not a luxury, it’s good business.
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